stop chopping. start chomping.


eat our sticks. save more trees.

Hundreds of billions of chopsticks are thrown away each year, and over 26 million trees are destroyed in China and Japan yearly. Choose a more sustainable, fun and tasty alternative.

pick a flavor. any flavor.

Fun and flavorful, Chompsticks make the perfect after-meal munchable.

where to buy

Please contact Chomps, LLC to place your Chompsticks order

(917) 727-3149

Call for pricing & quotes as they may vary by quantity and type of sale.

  • imaginative!

  • balanced!

  • unconditional!

  • responsible!

  • adventurous!

  • cheerful!

  • energetic!

make your fortune

Inside each Chompsticks package is a fortune that you can personalize for special prizes. Just upload it to Twitter, Instagram or this website using #CHOMPATB

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